Floor Wars

Furry Migration wants to bring the excitement and fun of Floor Wars Galactic Space Dance Fight to Minnesota, Sunday afternoon at the FM Main Stage! Remember when you saw Guardians of the Galaxy and went “Oh yeah, I could beat Star Lord in a dance off!” While we won’t have Starlord in Minnesota, we will have our own Galactic Space Dance Fight where you can dance off against the best of the best.

Please note: We plan to have a Floor Wars competition at Furry Migration in 2023. While we do not have updated information to share at this time, we will update this page with the latest details as soon as possible. Any information below is from Furry Migration 2022 and is provided to give you an idea of what we may offer in 2023.

In this version of Galactic Space Dance Fight, we will have one on one competition of fursuiters vs fursuiters, or non fursuiters vs non fursuiters for total domination of the dance floor! You go for rounds of 30 seconds each with random music that is spun by our house DJ. The challenge is to take whatever music is playing, and do your best to improvise a dance. The music could go from hard core, EDM, to 80s pop, to smooth jazz you never know what will be until the music starts!

We will choose a winner each from the fursuit and non-fursuit brackets to be crowned the Destroyers of the Furry Migration 2022 Galactic Space Dance Fight !

Two division

  • Suiters (Same rules apply as the FM dance comp. This means you need at least head, feetpaws, and handpaws)
  • Non-Suiters


  • Each competitor will be put into a One-vs-One bracket with the winner of each round moving on using typical single elimination policy.
  • Each fight will give each dancer two 30 second(ish) rounds to dance battle.
  • Winner will be determined by a panel of judges. In the event of a tie, the dancers will be given one more 30 second dance for the judges to consider.
  • Taunting other dancers: Dance taunts are allowed, but spoken taunts are not!
  • Rules may change based on the amount of participants.
  • Sign up closes 9/6/2022 (limited spots will be open at the convention)


Pre-registration available till August 26th.

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