Furry Migration 2021 Covid Safety

We’re sure there are questions about hosting Furry Migration 2021 at the end of a pandemic.  The safety of our attendees and staff will always remain our first priority, and this year will see changes from pre-pandemic years.

Please read the information below regarding Covid-19 guidelines.

  • This page will be updated with the most up to date information publicly available.  Last update: 06/08/2021

Will you be requiring vaccination proof to attend?

We have elected to require either the original vaccination card provided by the CDC, a report from a state sponsored organization showing the date(s) of vaccination, or a negative test result for Covid-19 dated after September 7th to attend Furry Migration 2021. This decision has been not been made lightly and we hope all will respect this rule. Violators will not be tolerated.

What is required:
An original vaccination card provided by the CDC or a report from a state sponsored organization that will show both doses of a 2-dose vaccine with the second dose being received on or before 08/27/2021 (2 weeks prior) or a 1-dose vaccine being received on or before the same date.


A valid COVID-19 test showing a negative result, the sample for which must have been taken within 72 hours of the convention.

For any questions regarding this policy please reach out to us at [email protected]

Will you be requiring masks to be worn at Furry Migration?

The city of Minneapolis and state of Minnesota have lifted their mask mandates so they are not required in public areas. However, the hotel and convention space are not public areas. As such all attendees must adhere to hotel and convention guidelines regarding mask usage. In all cases we strongly encourage all attendees to mask up as much as practical. Expect that in certain high-traffic areas of the convention they will be required and there will be plenty of signage to indicate this. Any questions should be directed to Operations or a Chairperson. For our volunteers / dealers / panelists etc, please reach out to your respective points of contact for further questions. Furthermore, other attendees may also request you wear a mask when in close proximity to them. We ask you to be respectful of their requests. When in doubt, wear a mask!

Let’s all mask up in 2021 so we can hopefully make 2022 normal!

CDC Guidelines for mask wearing

I’m not feeling well, but I really, really want to attend!

For the safety of everyone, we would request if you are feeling ill before Furry Migration 2021 to please consider not attending for your safety and the safety of others.  We want to limit the spread of Covid-19 and other illnesses to our attendees, staff and other communities both near and far.

For those who registered and become ill 5 days before the convention we can provide a refund for 2021.  If you fall ill after the 5 day refund period we can roll your registration to 2022. If you do fall ill, please contact the registration department at [email protected] for refund procedures, and please get better soon!

If you fall ill at the convention we ask you to notify your roommates and isolate from others.  Please be a good neighbor to those in your room and at the convention.

What are some things I can do to prevent spread?

We recommend following basic good practices before, during and after Furry Migration to prevent spreading any illness.  Some simple steps to prevent spread are as follows:

  • Wear a mask when around others.
  • Carry and use hand sanitizer after touching common surfaces.
  • Keep a polite distance from others who have traveled.
  • Cough / Sneeze into a mask, handkerchief or your arm to prevent spread of water droplets.
  • Practice good hygiene.

By following these simple steps we can stop the further spread of Covid-19.

What is Furry Migration doing to prevent the spread of Covid-19?

We have been keeping a close eye on local, state and federal rules and guidelines in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Our policies are being constantly reviewed and any changes will be communicated to you all as they are made. In response we have made the following changes:

  • Worked with the hotel to provide safe seating arrangements for events and panels.
  • Provided a larger fursuit lounge to manage safe distancing.
  • Requiring everyone attending Furry Migration to vaccinate or get a recent test.
  • Cleaning high-touch surface areas regularly.
  • Providing hand sanitizer in high-traffic areas ( Registration, Operations, MainStage, Dealers Den ).
  • No at the door registration due to ever changing regulations and to minimize contact points.

In Conclusion

The rules and regulations above are not foolproof but following them will increase the chances of having a great time without falling ill.  We wish everyone a safe and healthy present and future!

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