Online Access

Furry Migration 2021 is over!
You can view what we previously did for 2021 to get your ready for 2022!

Want the virtual access experience for Furry Migration? With Online Access tier, you get access to a livestream and discord panel access!

  • Livestream Access of events
    • Main Stage Events
    • DJ Sets
    • Selection of panels
  • Realtime Discord Interaction with panels
    • Special Discord Role to channels

The livestream and schedule of streamed events can be accessed at

Purchasing Online Access

If you’re not attending Furry Migration, you can purchase Online Access at any time. Please note: Purchasing online access doesn’t grant you physical access to the convention.

Purchase Online Access

Upgrading Existing Attendee

If you already have a Regular, Sponsor or Super Sponsor badge, you can gain access as part of your registration. This must be requested and isn’t proactively extended to attendees.

If you want access, please email with the following information:

  • Email used for registration
  • Discord Username

Upgrading is a manual process on our end, so please allow up to 12 hours for your request to be fulfilled.



Staff & Volunteer

Furry Migration needs staff and volunteers to help create the convention!


Be part of all the action, get a room at the Furry Migration Hotel!