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Announcing our Guests of Honor for 2015!

Happy June, fuzzies! The weather is warming, but it is still pretty nice right now! (Just ignore those clouds, they will be gone come Migration)

We have a couple quick, yet exciting announcements for you all!

Have you seen our three Guests of Honor yet? They are picked and ready to entertain!

Hear never-before-told stories about the dawn of our furry fandom from our two historical guests Reed Waller and Ken Fletcher.

Reed Waller, creator of Omaha, (one of the longest running and most critically acclaimed Furry/funny animal comics of all time) is coming out of retirement for our weekend to regal us with tales of the start of our beloved fandom.

Ken Fletcher will also be bringing his fandom stories. Ken worked with Reed Waller to start a different type of zine called “Vootie” in the 1979 Minneapolis Sci-Fi Scene. Originally intended to be “Funny animal” cartoons, these early “Furries” shaped who we all are today!

Our historical guests have all the 1985 nostalgia and historical awe, with no DeLorean required!

Amber “Vantid” Hill , although not as historical, brings her fantastic and beautiful art to the table as well!

Amber is a self taught artist with a strong background in animal painting and anatomy. Currently residing in Boulder, Colorado, she is migrating to this year’s Furry Migration, and bringing all her style and talent with her to share!

Go check out our Guests of Honor page for more complete bios, and examples of Ambers awesome style!

That’s not all!

The second announcement is that convention time is nearly here, and our hotel room block is filling up fast!

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