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Join us in August at our new hotel for Furry Migration 2015!

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Furry Migration Hotel Sneek Peak!

Hey everyone, keeping warm? It will get warm again before Furry Migration, we promise!

We asked a couple of everyday furs like you all to explore around the area of the next Furry Migration and they responded in a great video. Come see the new hotel, and some of the great sites and amenities you can take advantage of while visiting.

Enjoy the video, and the small taste of what’s to come for this next Furry Migration.

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  • Nearby convention is on their second year this weekend! Those already there, have fun! Those on the way, drive safe!,
  • RT : Awww yeah, time to start dreaming up some badges for . This is gonna be gnarly to the max! ,
  • Thanks for submitting your panel Manda!,