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Share Your Furry Fandom Expertise with the Community!

Running a panel or workshop is a fantastic way to share your furry experiences and expertise with the community. We welcome any topic related to the furry fandom, whether it be art, music, culture, or anything else that excites you. Your programming can be as formal or informal as you like, from a structured presentation to a relaxed conversation about your chosen topic.

A typical panel will run between 45 and 60 minutes, although there is flexibility if you need more time. Whether you’re a seasoned presenter or a first-time host, we encourage you to submit your programming ideas and contribute to the vibrant discussions that make Furry Migration such a unique and exciting event.

Please complete the below form, and if you would like to discuss panel ideas or seek assistance in hosting the panel, take a look at our Events & Programming Forum.

Deadline for Program Submissions is Saturday July 15th, 2023.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s make this year’s convention unforgettable!

Programming Submission Form

Programing submissions are now closed.

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