Dances & DJ’s

Greetings and Salutations Road Trippers!

As this year’s Furry Migration comes upon us again, we want to extend an invitation to all our music makers and slamjammers!

Last year was a huge success when it came to the dances, and just like last year were inviting those interested to toss in your demo for this years selection and lineup!

We’ve got a real jam goin on
Here’s your chance
Spin your tracks
In the audition, ALRIGHT!

(I swear it sounded better in my head)

When it come to submissions, your demo should be:

1. Current (recorded in the last 3 months)

2. 30-60 minutes in length (no, you don’t have to creep on 60, the flow just goes sometimes and some genres can take a minute to wind up)

3. Though your demo does not require a content rating, you should plan for your set at Furry Migration to be PG-13 or less.

Thats pretty much the big things, submissions will be accepted until June 5th, 2020

We look forward to seeing all of you again this year and wish you the best of luck in your demos! May the recordings be legit and the dancefloor full!

DJ at Furry Migration!

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Furry Migration needs staff and volunteers to help create the convention!

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