Code of Conduct

Furry Migration has a simplified unified code of conduct shared with all Minnesota Furs events.

For the latest version of the code of conduct please visit MNFurs Code of Conduct page. The code of conduct here is provided for convenience and any conflicts with the one on MNFurs website is resolved by the MNFurs website version.

It is expected that all members who use the website and people that go to events run by Minnesota Furs to follow the code of conduct.

A PDF version of the code of conduct is located here.


Minnesota Furs Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct & You. Common sense is the basis of the Code of Conduct. This Code serves as a guideline to frame acceptable and unacceptable behavior while taking part in all Minnesota Furs (MNFurs) activities, communities, platforms, and events for our community and organization. Nothing in this document supersedes civil ​law or the rules of any venue where our events may take place; if something is illegal outside our event, it’s illegal inside as well. Additional policies or rules for our events may be applicable as adopted by the Board of Directors. This Code of Conduct applies to all MNFurs attendees, participants, volunteers, and staff members.

Violations. Not all rules and situations are contained within this document. MNFurs, however, has a zero-tolerance policy for harassment in any form. MNFurs reserve the sole right to determine what is classified as harassment or violation of the Code of Conduct.

Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Misrepresentation of age, status within the organization, or status of support/service animals
  • Misuse of the organization’s property or resources
  • Sexual harassment, or Inappropriate advances or physical touching
  • Physical/verbal abuse
  • Inappropriate interaction with minor
  • Intoxication with any substance while performing any organizational duties
  • Displaying or using iconography, speech of oppression, vulgar displays, and/or harassment of any type towards individuals or groups at our events or on our platforms
  • Any other actions deemed by the board as inappropriate or a Code of Conduct violation

Reporting a Code of Conduct Violation. If you feel that you or someone else is being harassed or subjected to prejudiced or unwelcome behavior, or notice someone behaving inappropriately, please contact an online platform moderator, staff member, or board member right away. Or reach out to us at

Penalties and Disciplinary Actions​. Violations of the Code of Conduct will result in penalties, which include but are not limited to: verbal or written warnings, ejection from activities, communities, events, and platforms, and temporary or permanent suspensions from MNFurs, platforms, and chartered events. Penalties may be increased depending on the severity of the offense. Event staff or moderators will be able to administer warnings or eject members from events or communities. Only the Board of Directors shall be able to administer temporary or permanent suspensions from the MNFurs organization.

Disciplinary Adjudication. If suspended from the MNFurs organization, you may petition the Board of Directors for a hearing no earlier than 15 days into your disciplinary suspension. Any additional actions within the community, taken by you, during your suspension will be considered in determining the next course of action.

In Conclusion​. These rules are provided by the Board of Directors as part of their mission to safeguard the organization, our partners, and most importantly the people who participate in our programs. Please contact event staff or the Board of Directors for any problems or clarifications required. As always, we hope that you enjoy what MNFurs has to offer and have an amazing time.

MNFurs reserves the right to update this Code of Conduct at any time without prior notice. ​The current version will be available at​. ​Nothing in this code shall be construed as waiving any rights or claims under the law on behalf of MNFurs. If you choose not to accept these terms, you may terminate your membership at any time.

Approved on May 3, 2022, MNFurs Board of Directors


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