If you're driving into Furry Migration and looking for a place to park your Barkmobile, read on.

There are plenty of parking facilities in the area to choose from, but we have highlighted three easy close options to get you out of the car and having fun as soon as possible!

Hyatt Regency Parking Garage

Price: up to $25/day without in/out privileges for hotel guests/attendees or $29/day – includes in/out privileges for hotel guests

Millennium Hotel Parking Garage

Price: $26/day – includes in/out privileges for hotel guests

LPM – 198 W 14th St Minneapolis, MN 55403

Price: $19/day


Hours of availability :

Start Time: Friday 4:30PM Sept 7
End Time: Sunday 11pm Sept 9
Price: 5$ per entrance.

Commonly Saturday and Sunday gate is left up so parking is free.

This ramp is automated and accepts coins, $1 and $5 bills, or credit cards.

Please review the MCTM parking policy here under the “General Parking Ramp Information” section.  Furry Migration has not been able to secure an overnight parking waivers due to change in management.  As a result, we encourage those coming in for the day to use this parking ramp, but we can’t advocate in good faith overnight parking.


Additional Parking Resource:

As you would with any busy parking area, please take care not to leave valuables visible in your unattended vehicle.



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