If you're flying into Furry Migration and looking for a place to park your spacecraft, read on.

Please note that prices, special discounts, and parking locations are subject to change. The information provided is for Furry Migration 2023 and includes special convention pricing.

There are plenty of parking facilities (third party link) in the area to choose from, but we have highlighted three easy close options to get you out of the car and having fun as soon as possible!

If you’re planning to stay late, we strongly suggest either parking at the hotel or ensuring your chosen parking location permits overnight stays.

Loring Ramp (Attached To The Hyatt)

Price: From the Garage up to $25/day without in/out privileges for hotel guests/attendees or $29/day – includes in/out privileges for hotel guests

Special Rates For Loring Ramp for Furry Migration 2023

This year our hotel team negotiated with a special rate for our attendees using the Loring Ramp. We hope everyone uses this offer if they are parked there.

Special Rate For Guests at the Hotel Only

If you are staying at the hotel you can get an exclusive $18 per day rate for . This rate DOES include IN/OUT privileges.

If you ARE staying at the Hyatt (must have booked in block): Validate at the front desk with your room leader/primary guest and charge to the room. The cost can be split and paid for separately at the front desk with a card at checkout or work with your room leader/primary guest (the one who’s paying for the room with the Hyatt) to settle costs (FM is not responsible for any disputes between you and your room lead/primary guest that arise). To enter or exit the ramp, scan the code on your ticket or your phone (the Hyatt can text you a digital copy of your validation) at the gate. Do not use the pay stations in the 1st/3rd floor parking elevator lobbies. Any issues with the discount should be brought to our attention. This rate is for the length of the stay.

Special Rate For Registered Convention Attendees

Exclusive $18 per day rate for attendees of Furry Migration. This does not include in/out privileges. If you do go In and out during the con you will have to get another ticket and discount sticker to receive the reduced pricing again.

To get this reduced parking rate you need to follow these steps:
If you ARE NOT staying at the Hyatt: Come to Ops with your ticket and badge. Once verified as a registered attendee, we will place a validation sticker on the back of your ticket. When exiting, do not use the pay stations on the 1st/3rd floor parking elevator lobbies. Paying at the gate is simpler and more reliable. At the gate, scan the ticket like normal then scan the validation sticker. Pay with your card and proceed through the gate. Cash and contactless payments (including Apple/Google/Samsung Pay) are not accepted by the ramp’s systems.

Note: this is $18 per day and if you use the discount code you will need a new one if you return and want to get the same rate. AGAIN THERE ARE NO IN AND OUT PRIVILEGES. This code will work for dates from Thursday to Sunday.

Millennium Hotel Parking Garage

Price: $26/day – includes in/out privileges for hotel guests

LPM – 198 W 14th St Minneapolis, MN 55403

Price: $19/day

Additional Parking Resource:

In the past we recommended MCTC Parking Garage, we could not get a negotiated rate this year. So parking there is at your own risk.

As you would with any busy parking area, please take care not to leave valuables visible in your unattended vehicle.

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