If you're driving into Furry Migration and looking for a place to park your Barkmobile, read on.

There are plenty of parking facilities in the area to choose from, but here are three easy options to get you out of the car and having fun as soon as possible!

Prices are current to the best of our knowledge as of 8/1/2018. We have not verified MCTC Parking for 2019 but if it is available MCTC Parking is the recommended choice for people who are going to the convention Friday morning to Sunday evening.

Hyatt Regency Parking Garage

Price: $24/day – includes in/out privileges for hotel guests

Millennium Hotel Parking Garage

Price: $21/day – includes in/out privileges for hotel guests

MCTC Parking Garage

MCTC parking garage has return as a parking option for 2018.

Hours of availability :

Start Time: Friday 8am Sept 7
End Time: Sunday 11pm Sept 9
Price: 5$ per entrance.

Commonly Saturday and Sunday gate is left up so parking is free.

Furry Migration is happy to announce that the low-cost parking option will be returning for 2018. Located several blocks west of our hotels, the Minneapolis Community & Technical College (MCTC) garage is offering reduced-rate parking at just $5 for the weekend (between the hours listed above). This is a great value for anyone looking for a less expensive parking solution. Because it’s a longer walk to the hotel than the other parking options, we recommend dropping any baggage off at your hotel before parking, and then using the handy map below to find your way to and from the MCTC garage, as we’ve identified the most convenient routes to save you a few minutes of driving and walking.

This ramp is automated and accepts coins, $1 and $5 bills, or credit cards. Signs may indicate that overnight parking is not allowed, but we have permission to park overnight during the hours listed above.

As you would with any busy parking area, please take care not to leave valuables visible in your unattended vehicle.



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