Our 18+ dance event is back! If you like to dance with your pony play gear, your pup hoods, your latex outfits, shibari designs and everything else you want to dance your tail off too.

A few rules to keep in mind.

  • 18+ 
  • Convention badge and government issued ID is required for admittance to the dance. 
  • Leashes should be left in your room, and not on the dance floor. They can cause accidental injuries on the dance floor otherwise. 
  • Any and all latex and leather liquid products can not be brought in. 
    • They can make the floor very slick if accidentally spilled on the dance floor. 
  • All the important and private bits should be covered at all times
    • This is includes False/Faux Private parts on Fursuits
  • Proper attire should be worn while traveling to dance and in other areas of the hotel. 
  • No Photos on the dance floor

Let’s keep the funky disco vibes going strong and make FGear the ultimate dance party of our Disco Fantasy! Join us on the dance floor and groove to the beat as we journey through a dazzling musical universe and beyond.

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