Furry Migration is always looking for smart and motivated community members to help us continue to grow and improve.

Furry Migration staff are responsible for planning, organizing, and executing specific ideas and events for the convention. They often have specific skills relevant to their roles, and continue to work hard during the off months to prepare for the coming year(s). Staff are expected to attend meetings, be knowledgable about convention policies, and be accountable for convention assets. It’s critical for you to work well with others and excel at communication.

Some Staff We Are Looking For


Volunteers Staffer

The volunteers department is looking for a few helpers to help coordinate our volunteers. The goal of the Volunteers department is to recruit, schedule, assist, and help oversee the volunteers at our convention that help out in various duties. From prioritizing volunteer requests with the availabilities of our helpers you can make sure our volunteers are where they can be the most help.

Duties Include
  • Talking and handling inquiries from con attendees offering to help out or interested in what they can do.
  • Helping the department head schedule and coordinate volunteers.
  • Running the volunteers table or recruiting others who may be interested in helping out.

Logistics Staffer

Our logistics department focuses on facilitating and coordinating the complex load-in and load-out process. This department works with hotel and the other departments to smoothly and efficiently move the assets and materials the cons has and uses at con. From helping with and overseeing the loading of the trucks, working with hotel to schedule dock times, and making sure everything makes it where it needs to be when it needs to be this critical department could use a few good hands.

Duties Include
  • Overseeing and coordinating the movement of assets and goods by volunteers and staffers during our load-in and load out.
  • Helping keep the logistics moves on schedule and accurate as laid out by the Logistics head.
  • Overseeing the handling of select critical components of the con durring moves with the assistance of department heads or staff.

Dealers Staffer

The Dealers Den staff assists in keeping our Dealers room operating smoothly. As a member of the Dealers staff you will help oversee the room, supervise space setup, and assist addressing any questions or concerns the Dealers or Attendees may have.

Duties Include
  • Guide and provide some assistance in dealer move in/outs and the check-in process.
  • Assist in addressing concerns or questions of convention Dealers.
  • Help with the Dealers schedule and keeping the area running smoothly durring hours of operation.
  • Work with the Dealers Department Head to enforce policies and staff the Dealers information table.

Merchandise Staffer

Merchandise at Migration helps procure and sell the branded merch that helps spread the convention’s name and help generates revenue. As a member of the Merchandise team you will help at the merch table at Furry Migration. Handling sales and members redeeming coupons for merchandise while spreading Migration with keepsakes they can take home.

Duties Include
  • Cash handling and some experience using a basic register system [Square].
  • Work with the Merchandise Department head covering shifts at the Merch table in Dealers.
  • Help sell the Furry Migration logos and branding on our merch.
  • Answering questions from attendees that may come up to the table .


This is not an extensive list of all open staff positions. If you are interested in these and other staff positions at the convention, please fill out the form below if you’re interested in working with Furry Migration.


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