Dealer’s Den

Extra money burning a hole in your pocket? Wanting to take something home to remember your time with us or see what our creative community members are up to? Then stop by the Dealer's Den!

Furry Migration Dealer’s Den is open for sign ups till March 31st, 2024!


Each space in the Dealer’s Den will consist of one 72″ x 30″ table with space in the back to accommodate a maximum of 2 people. Multiple tables may be requested when applying but are not guaranteed. Each space will be limited to a single table. If you need to remove or move your table about in the space provided, you are required to inform a member of the Dealer’s Staff before making any changes.


The price of each space does not include a attendee badge. Your badge must be purchased when you are paying for your dealer’s space. Please do not buy your badge before you get accepted to the convention.

Additional rules and polices

The full rules and policies of dealers den are provided here. These are in additional to the Furry Migration Code of Conduct and are expected to be followed at the convention.

Link to Minnesota ST-19: Form ST-19

2024 Pre-Registration



This convention is run by staff and volunteers from the community. You can be part of this!

Reserve Your Room

Furry Migration is held in beautiful Downtown Minneapolis. Book your room now to ensure a stress-free Migration!