For many years, Furry Migration(FM) was an idea of various peoples’ desires to have a convention in Minnesota. That dream happened in 2014. Today, FM is an annual all-ages convention held before or after the Labor Weekend. We celebrate the various facets of the fandom through art, writing, fursuiting, education, and entertainment while also raising monies for our associated charities.

Furry Migration is an event outreach of Minnesota Furs (MNFurs), a 501c3 nonprofit organization created in 2012. MNFurs is built upon its community.  It’s the heart and soul of what makes MNFurs one of the most unique furry groups in the United States. FM builds on MNFurs goal of providing a friendly atmosphere where fans of anthropomorphic animals and artwork can gather to facilitate the formation of  friendships and meeting new people.

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Furry Migration is part of Minnesota Furs a local community grown 501(c)3 non profit. Please check out our next big event!


This convention is run by staff and volunteers from the community. You can be part of this!

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