Furry Migration(FM) is an idea that has floated in and out of various peoples’ desires to have a convention in Minnesota. And now it has finally happened.  The ink is still drying on the hotel contract, but we are off and running.

The leadership for FM has experience from working conventions both in the Midwest and nationally. Our convention will focus not only on fursuiting and graphic artists, but authors, publishers, and programing which includes: developments in Furry themed videos, games and lifestyles.

As this site launches, it’s 18 months to our convention.  It seems like an eternity, but come back to the website and see us grow.  Or better yet, come help us grow.  We are a community, not just a group of people running a convention.

Furry Migration is an event outreach of Minnesota Furs (MNFurs), a 501c3 nonprofit organization created in 2012.  MNFurs is built upon its community.  It’s the heart and soul of what makes MNFurs one of the most unique furry group in the United States. FM builds on MNFurs goal of providing a friendly atmosphere where fans of anthropomorphic animals and artwork can gather at a convention that facilitates forming friendships and meeting new people.