2024 Guests of Honor

Our convention wouldn't be complete without a highlighting notable people who have pushed and explored the limits of what furry can be!

For this year we are proud to have announced two Guests of Honor for Furry Migration 2024: Avian Invasion and Saberspark!



Saberspark is an animation YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers. From reviews to video essays to deep dives, he covers a broad range of topics in the animation community.
He also likes to watch bad movies on Twitch because that is his life apparently.

Saberspark Links

Youtube: @Saberspark
Twitch: Saberspark_

Patreon: Saberspark
Merchandise: Crowdmade Store

X (Formally Twitte)r: Saberspark


Avian Invasion

Previous Furry Migration special guest Avian Invasion is coming back as this year’s guest of honor for 2024!

Once an ordinary human—aging, broken, bereft of hope—the being now known as Bird One was rebuilt by a race of robotic birds from a distant galaxy. Now his mission is to use the uplifting sounds of music to infuse light wherever there is darkness. The Avian Invasion begins now.

Avian Invasion proudly services the audiences that typical Earth DJ’s overlook: the outcasts, the queer, those who defy categorization and disrupt the “normal.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bird One brought hope to viewers through uniquely interactive streams three days a week. He’s performed on hundreds of stages at conventions, clubs, and VR worlds—anywhere he can blend the emotional vibes of progressive house and trance with rock-inspired keytar riffs and live vocals.

And through it all, Avian Invasion’s message is simple:
You are alive, you are beautiful, and you are not alone.


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