2018 Guests of Honor

Our convention wouldn't be complete without a highlighting a few notable people who have pushed and explored the limits of what furry can be!

Rick Griffin

Best known for the popular and award winning Housepets! webcomic, Rick is a writer and artist with a focus on anthropomorphic animals. In addition to Housepets! His work includes the short stories Ten Thousand Miles Up and Argo, as well as the comic A&H Club. You can find more of his art and writing on http://rickgriffinstudios.com/. And for those that want to help support Rick, he has a Patreon!


TaniDaReal lives in Germany together with her husband Nightfox and their two cats, Shuray and Dae. She is media designer (for print and digital products / web design) and an artist in her private time. Her first connection with the furry fandom was in 1999 (beginning with the Lion King fandom).

She very much enjoys good food, beer and cooking. Further hobbies of include flying and travelling (like road trips in the USA). She and her husband dedicate a lot of our time to Eurofurence, where Nightfox is the vice-chairman and she is part of the Charity Team and The Pawpet Show team.

Tani has always been a fan of emotional, funny and expressive artwork, which influences her drawing style a lot. Her inspirations to draw are taken from things that she loves, like the fondness for certain species (like wolves, opossums, foxes, snow leopards and especially hybrid characters) or characters, nice sceneries, funny situations, favorite movies, series or books. She believes that the best ideas come from life and keeping her eyes open.

She loves working with both digital media (Photoshop and graphic tablet) and real media (like water colors or markers), as well as creating t-shirt designs and merchandise like her Mood Badges and luggage tags. The love for creative works of all kind makes her want to try new things, including building sculptures once in a while.

She has always had a spiritual and very close connection to wolves. She initially chose a snow leopard as her furry character to represent herself (one of her favourite animal besides wolves), but eventually turned into the hybrid combination of her spiritual side (the wolf) and the snow leopard – the “Schnolf”.

You can find more of her artwork at her website http://www.tanidareal.com, her FurAffinity gallery, on her twitter and on her tumblr blog.

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