2021 Guests of Honor

Our convention wouldn't be complete without a highlighting notable people who have pushed and explored the limits of what furry can be!

Furry Migration 2021 is over!
You can view who were our previous Guests of Honor and Special Guests for 2021 to get your ready for 2022!

Dr. Wildlife


Dr. Wildlife, commonly referred to as “Doc”,  is a zoologist who focuses on conservation through education by working in the zoo and aquarium field. A lifelong animal conservationist, Doc has helped with projects around the world from rehabilitating injured seabirds in South Africa to tracking tigers in central India. Their involvement in the zoological community has so far spanned 10 years and has included such positions as Keeper Aide at the Memphis Zoo to Migratory Bird Researcher at the Smithsonian. They are also the Executive Director of The Prusten Project, a 501(C)(3) non-profit which focuses on conserving wild tigers through the use of acoustic monitoring. When not conducting research or at work, Doc uses their fursuits to do creative forms of science communication through Twitter, YouTube, and even in person at scientific gatherings such as EarthX.



Homegrown in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Curlworks is a queer-owned indie-artist collaboration by partners Olly “Soupy” and Keaton “Saltine”. A former web designer, Olly has run Curlworks as his full-time job since 2016, while Keaton contributes designs and artwork when he’s not working his day job as a professional designer. They design and create all sorts of colorful handmade goods and artsy projects, but are best known for their custom kigurumi pajamas, fursuit props, plush critters, and whimsical accessories. They’ve been sharing their work with the furry community since 2014, as well as sharing crafting tips, tutorials, and patterns with other artists through Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube. You can find out more about their work at curlworks.net, as well as @CurlworksKigus on most social media platforms.

With Special Guest: Avian Invasion

Seattle, WA producer Avian Invasion weaves acid-drenched synths and dubby sub warbles together with a propulsive progressive rhythmic urgency. Funky breaks bloom into Moroder-esque proto-futurist excursions. Gospel organs lay the foundation roof raising House vocals. While the music of Avian Invasion is eminently contemporary, threads of canon are laced elegantly throughout; their work flips deftly through the history of electronic music like records in a milk crate.

Avian Invasion began their rebirth as a dance music producer by embracing the knowledge of those around them. First, they stumbled blindly in space, making thumping noises and structuring songs the same way they did in their prior life in the rock dimension. As it turns out, that doesn’t make DJ’s very happy. Every day since then has been an opportunity for new discovery.

First, a return to the galactic center; the turntables. This taught Avian Invasion what worked best for making the clubs shake. Then, trial by fire. A series of singles that, in hindsight, were perhaps not so great. Yet, “you’d be surprised how forgiving an audience can be when you’re playing it through a huge sound system and jumping onto the dance floor for a keytar solo” explains Avian Invasion. Even today they continue, working tirelessly to refine their craft, discovering the sounds that flow most naturally.

More than just music that is (undeniably) uplifting and energetic, Avian Invasion strives “to create music that helps people find a source of joy within themselves. A well that won’t dry up when the track ends. I want to help them find the beauty and the light in others, something that’s difficult to do in a cynical world.” Both deeply soulful, dusted with playful synth-pop touches, and – dare we say it – downright banging – Avian Invasion crafts EDM that will entrance headphone psychonauts and decibel devotees alike. A melodic transmission from the temple of bass, their music serves as a euphoric declaration that You Are Alive, You Are Beautiful, and You Are Not Alone.



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