Furry Migration Needs YOU

Like many conventions, Furry Migration is a volunteer-based organization that's built on the contributions of our staff and volunteers. We rely on a team of passionate and talented people to step up and help produce what we hope will be one of the premier events for the furry fandom.

Volunteer at FM

Volunteers are essential at the ground level of the convention and are generally involved at or shortly before the event, meaning it’s an excellent opportunity if you’re attending from out of town. These tasks (things like badger, bag stuffer, or gopher) don’t typically require much more than a good work ethic and a positive attitude but that doesn’t mean they’re not important for the con to run smoothly!

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Join Our Staff

On the other hand, staff are responsible for planning, organizing, and executing specific ideas and events for the convention. They often have specific skills relevant to their roles, and continue to work hard during the off months to prepare for the coming year(s). Staff are expected to attend meetings, be knowledgable about convention policies, and be accountable for convention assets. It’s critical for them to work well with others and excel at communication.

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Pre-registration prices for 2023 will be announced in 2023

Thank You!

Thank you for coming to Furry Migration 2022, Intergalactic Grand Prix, it was a blast!!