Fursuit Dance Comp

Furry Migration is holding its first Fursuit Dance Competition. Hosted by comedian and Chairman of FurSquared Alkali, it will be an evening of entertainment by fursuiters from across the fandom.

This popular all-age event fills up fast, if you plan to see the competition, come get a seat early. Be warned Рtheatric lights, loud music, and Alkali’s booming voice is used in the performance. If you are sensitive to loud and bright lights you may want to sit in the back.

If you want to be part of this event get your Fursuit on, go it alone or with a group, read the rules below, and sign up online or at the door to reserve your place in Furry Migration Dance Competition history.

No matter if you are watching the action, or performing to the beats we hope we see you at our inaugural performance.

Hope to see you there!

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Attendee $55
Sponsor $100
Super $160

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