Heroes Divided!

Months have passed since the COLLAR act was passed in an effort to bring oversight to superpowered heroes of the city, but the initiative has caused strife and infighting. Meanwhile an insidious group of villains lurks in the shadows, ready to take advantage of the unrest to launch their campaign of chaos...

Our Story So Far…

For many years, superpowered heroes joined together to defend the city against any threats that arose. But in recent years, the battles became more violent, causing severe damage to the city. After an especially large battle tore up several blocks of a downtown street (which is even now still being repaired), the citizens began to demand the heroes be held accountable. The city council and mayor seized this opportunity to pass a law requiring that all superpowered heroes sign up with them and reveal their true identities.

With the passing of the COLLAR Act (Charter On Licensing, Leashing & Activity Registration), the often disguised heroes were forced to either register with the city and reveal their identities, or to become scofflaws themselves. With agents of HEEL (Helping Eliminate Evil Legally) enforcing the new law, some found no choice but to part with their former comrades. Those that stood proud of their heroics and happy to reveal their real identities remained part of CAPES (Costumed Adventurers Protecting Endangered Serenity), while those that still felt unease at disclosure joined together as MASKS (Morally Against State Kontrolled Superheroes).

But even with the unease that now exists between the two groups of heroes, the villains of BAAAD continue to scheme. Many of BAAAD’s top operatives were captured in the battle that sparked the new law, but that still leaves many loose ends. With the heroes of the city divided against one another, this may be the chance these scoundrels are looking for to accomplish some supremely evil deed. But that doesn’t mean they have the run of the city, for both the CAPES and the MASKS are still there to stop lawbreakers.

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Choose Your Side!


Costumed Adventurers Protecting Endangered Serenity

These are heroes that aren’t worried if people know who they are and what they do. They are proud to defend the city and happy that they can help. And while they may feel constrained by some of the new regulations they are under, at least they are still upholding all the laws of the city.


Morally Against State Kontrolled Superheroes
These heroes feel a bit hesitant about the new government regulations, and what it might mean for them, as well as their families and friends. They feel the new law is more about protecting the city council rather than the citizens.


Attendee $45
Sponsor $100
Super $160

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