Welcome to Furry Migration!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I’d like to welcome everyone Furry Migration’s website!

I’m your Grumpy Puma, Mouring.  I’m proud to be one of ConChair Kellic’s co-assistants (along with Flip aka Procyon).  As well as proud to have the honor of heading up the initial web development team for our convention.

Before I get too much into this first bit of news I’d like to thank Kurst, Ringer, Zaos, SkiSharp, ZenFox, and Zepaw.  For helping me with art, writing, and theme design.

Now, on to what everyone wants to know.  Yes we signed a hotel contract a the Ramada Inn Minneapolis Airport.  We’re happy that they are willing to host us, and we’re excited about their remodeling efforts in 2012 and we look forward to them finishing it in 2013.  We’re also excited to have a location near by not only the airport, but light rail, Mall of America, and Ikea.  As it provides many different options for getting to the convention as well things to do before and after the convention.

We’re also happy to announce that registration system is up and running so please show your support by registering now (as well as saving yourself a few bucks), and also we’ve been given the code to register for booking the hotel room so you can also reserve your room as well.  All of these things help us out in the long run.

With it being 18 months out from the convention we’re still pulling together guest of honor, staff to help with programming, and other things needed to enable us to put on a convention.  So check back every few months for updates and news about what is going on.  Or better yet, contact volunteers@furrymigration.org and be part of making this a convention that our community can be proud to call their own.

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