Guest of Honor Slate announced for Furry Migration 2014

Monday, December 2, 2013

Furry Migration finalized the 2014 featured Guest of Honor list. Covering the areas of writing, art and publishing, all the guests have local ties within Minnesota Furdom.

The first announced guest, writer Kyell Gold, came to Minnesota to work on his schooling. It was during this time Kyell made ties integral to developing his professional writing. He is one of the leading and award-winning writers of the Sofawolf stable.

Speaking of Sofawolf, President Jeffrey Eddy, become the second announced guest for 2014. He, along with the Teams: Humans and Huskies, lead the way in publishing of Furry-themed literature and art from their headquarters here in Minnesota.

The final Guest of Honor, Foxfeather Z, is known for her iconic images on convention souvenir book covers, tshirts, jewelry, and prints. However, she is a resident of southeastern Minnesota farm with a few Fennec foxes, a magpie, plus a rescue or three.

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