Choices for Artist

Monday, June 30, 2014

We here at Furry Migration we provide many options for Artist to interact with their public. We have come up with four approaches that should fit everyone’s style.

  1. Art Show – For those wishing to display works of art for sale at the convention or as a form of advertisement.   Available to any artist or crafter even if you are unable to join us at the Convention.
  2. Artist Alley – For artist who wish to only take commissions for a day or two at the convention, and are willing to accept the lottery system which may not allow them access to the specific days they wish.
  3. Artist Half-Tables in the Dealer’s Room – For artist that don’t need a full table, but wish to have the a spot for the weekend to interact and sell goods and services.
  4. Dealer’s Room – For artist that have a full range of goods and services and need the space to spread out and display their wares (technically closed, but applications are still being accepted in case of a drop out).

Choice what works best for you and your clients, and remember to also enjoy the convention with your friends as well!

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