Day Passes, Reduced Rates, and More…

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

You spoke, and we’ve listened.

You’ve asked us via twitter, e-mail, and in person about day passes, and we’ve always stated that we’ll decide after pre-registration as it adds more cost and complexity to a first year convention. However, enough people have requested it that we’ve decided to offer a Friday ($25) or Saturday & Sunday ($35) day passes at the door. They can only be picked up on their respective day at on-site registration.

Second, thanks to the volume of pre-registrations we’re able to drop the at-the-door rate for attendees from $55 to $50. We’re grateful for the flood of sponsors that have allowed this to happen. You should be proud to know that you made a difference already, and the convention hasn’t even started!

Lastly, we decided to re-open online registration with the at-the-door prices for those that missed pre-registration. We’re taking note from other conventions around us about how critical it is to keep registration open longer, and thus have extended it to midnight (CST) on August 27th.

The Furry Migration staff are humbled by the out pouring of love and support the community has given us so far, and we’re working hard to ensure that this support brings the best possible first year convention we can provide.

Thank you all so much!

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