A Social Media Review!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hey everyone; as the weather warms we can start to feel the need to Migrate itching in our paws.

We’ve been posting a lot on our social media platforms; follow the FurryMigration account on TwitterFacebook, Google+, and Furaffinity to stay up to date with all the goings-on!

For your convenience, here are FOUR things that have been going on!

First! We are on the look-out for DJ’s of all genres to spin our dance! Retro 1985 is our “Back to Migration!” theme, but we will accept a large variety!

Check our “DJ Application” if you wanna share your style with the fuzzy masses!

Second! We want fuzzies like YOU to run a tabletop game in our gaming lounge! From Pen and Paper games like Dungeons and Dragons™, to Hasbro™ titles you all know and love like Monopoly ™! (Non-trademarked games are also accepted)

Check our “Gaming Submission” page and join our great tabletop community!

Third! Our Artist Alley is open! Do you make Art? All kinds of art? 2D Art, 3D art, Badges, Jewelry , or maybe just general commissions? Then we want YOU in our Artist Alley! Come share (and sell) something you love to make!

Head on over to our “Artist Alley” page and share your creativity with all the fuzzies!

Fourth and Final! Are panels too short for the thing you want to share?
Why not run a registered room party? Of course regular room parties are still going on, but why not make yours even more special? Theme it up, show off your stuff! Make a mini Polar-bear cafe! (We’ve seen it happen, it’s a lot of fun!) You may have seen something similar at other conventions, or maybe this is new to you; Either way these are a lot of fun and can leave lasting memories you can share!

Reg your room party on our “Room Party Registration” page; we’d love to see what you can come up with!

Well, that was a lot of information! Thank you so much for reading!

Enjoy the summer, See you next time!

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