5 MORE awesome things about Furry Migration 2015!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hey again fuzzies! Once again our social media outlets have been posting about 10 Awesome things about Furry Migration 2015, and we are on the final FIVE! As a special treat for all of you who follow our main blog, we are showing numbers 8, 9 and 10 here before posting them to social media!

Number 6!

The Light Rail!
Built over the last few years in a massive project to unite the Twin Cities, the light rail can take you nearly all over!
Our hotel is conveniently located to one of the more central stops along the line; so you can hitch a ride to anywhere! Grab a blue line to the famous Mall of America, or a green to St. Paul!

This central location is also very convenient for you fliers, as the hotel is a short train ride from the huge Minneapolis airport!
Feel a bit nervous about transportation? We can help you! Send us any questions or post on our page; as well as visit the MNfurs forums. We’d be happy to help!

Number 7!

The Mall Of America!
Just a short ride on last week’s THING the light rail, The Mall isn’t just for shopping, it’s a major tourist attraction!
It’s also right next to the Minneapolis Airport, so you can have a quick stop in before your flight! (It will help with the post con blues)
There are a lot of events and things to do at the mall, but here is a short list to peak your interest!

  1. STAR TREK™ THE EXHIBITION (Authentic stuff from the show!)
  2. Nickelodeon Universe® (Massive indoor theme park!)
  3. SEA LIFE® Minnesota Aquarium (Go UNDER the water in awesome glass tubes!
  4. LEGO® (Huge lego store with 30+ FT statues made of lego!)
  5. A.C.E.S. Flight Simulation Center (Like the kind they train jet pilots in, feel the awesome!)
  6. Build-A-Bear Workshop® (You know you want to make one)
  7. UNIVERSE OF LIGHT (Late night light show!)
  8. AMAZING MIRROR MAZE® (One of the largest in the world!)

And much more! See the link below!

Number 8!

The Hotel Restaurants!
There are two great restaurants to fill your tummies while at Furry Migration 2015. The Prairie Kitchen and Bar, and the Market!
The Prairie Kitchen and Bar is as the Hyatt describes “A sophisticated, unique addition to the vibrant Twin Cities dining scene, Prairie Kitchen and Bar, features seasonally inspired cuisine built around fresh, locally sourced produce, meat, grains, and dairy products.”
It features a 360 Degree bar and an expansive lounge that gives a great view of Nicollet Mall. If you arrive Thursday, check out their live music!

Check out their website for a full lunch and dinner menu for the restaurant, and a lounge menu!

The Market is described by the Hyatt as “Stop by Market when you’re on the go and don’t want to sacrifice quality. Market features quick, yet satisfying menu options in a seasonal, deli-style concept. Get your favorite Starbucks brew, or other refreshing beverages, and locally inspired snacks to help get you through the day. ”
Featuring fair priced items, fill your tummy on the go, caffeinated, and head right back into the action! Check their website for a full menu and hours.

Number 9!

Hotel Amenities!
The Hyatt Regency Minneapolis has a lot of great amenities that you can enjoy while being at Furry Migration 2015!

  • The Hyatt’s complimentary 32,000 square foot StayFit™ gym features the latest high-tech cardio and strength-training equipment – complete with flat-screen televisions – from industry leader Life Fitness®.
    Outside of all that complicated talk, they have a huge basketball court and lots of cool fitness equipment! (Did someone say fuzzy basketball?)
  • There is nothing like swimming after a long days walking, and The Hyatts got you covered! There is no need to worry about chills in this pool, it’s heated! (Of course its not TOO hot)
  • Room service anyone? A classy hotel like the Hyatt of course offers you Room service for when you are just too tired to head out for food or a few drinks.
  • Super direction panels! Feel a little lost? Stop by one of the electronic panels on the wall and find your way! These awesome devices allow you to find spaces in the convention, or local spaces outside of it!
  • A Fed Ex Copy center. Some of you may worry you will be in trouble if you need to do a little work while having fun. No worries! Just visit the copy center and finish it so quick your boss will think you are still at work!

Check out the pool, basketball court, and some previous awesome things we discussed in this video staring a few local fuzzies!

Number 10!

The Convention Space!
As you may have seen in this video starring a few local fuzzies, our convention space this year is awesome!
While we are gaining lots of new and bigger rooms for our convention, you wont have to walk miles and miles to each panel or event! The usual long and thin hallways you have may have come to expect have been compressed into a great hub, allowing for easy travel that takes only seconds! It also will serve as an awesome congregation space, allowing you to feel like you are always in the action if you want to be!
Since we know some of you may want a breather, the space is also a quick escalator or elevator ride down to the main lobby, restaurants or sitting areas. Perfect if you want to stop and draw or talk quietly with friends.
This space will be great for everyone!

And that’s all ten of the Awesome things we are highlighting! Of course there is a lot more, feel free to share your own awesome things on our social media or in the MNFurs Forums!

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