The Fursuit Dance Expo!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Calling all fuzzies of the dance; Once again it is time to sign up for The Fursuit Dance Expo!

We are looking for fuzzies from all types of dance styles to show off their skills on our Fursuit Dance Expo!

If you would like to share your moves, or just have some fun on stage; head on over to our signup sheet!

Speaking of music, We also want to remind you that we are still accepting DJ applications! Head on over to the page to find out more!

Lastly, remember to reserve your place at Furry Migration 2016 by registering! It helps us prepare all the stuff needed for an awesome migration!


Pre-registration available till August 26th.

Reserve Your Room

Furry Migration is held in beautiful Downtown Minneapolis. Book your room now to ensure a stress-free Migration!


This convention is run by staff and volunteers from the community. You can be part of this!