Let’s Get Heroic!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Shiny is safe and sound, but there's a new menace on the horizon. Our only hope is heroes like you!

Greetings, friends!

Furry Migration 2016 was a great convention and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. But the Shiny has been found and 2016 is coming to a close, so it’s time to kick Furry Migration 2017 into high gear.

Maybe you’re just now starting to think about what conventions you’ll attend next year, or maybe it hasn’t even crossed your mind yet! But know that we have been working on this for nearly a year. Yep – while you were thinking about what you were going to for 2016, we’ve already working hard on subsequent years.

Our theme for this year is Heroes Divided – a superhero-themed convention. We want you to be part of this theme. We want you to be the hero that this con not only needs but deserves.

So grab the cape, put on a mask, and let your imagination fly. Register now and join us at Furry Migration 2017!

Furry Migration ConChairperson for 2017

PS. We realize you’re probably eager and full of questions. When will the room block open? When can I apply for the dealer’s den? Will Nicollet Mall still look like a war zone? Rest assured, all of this info is on its way very (very!) soon. Be sure to follow us on your preferred social media to stay up-to-date.

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This convention is run by staff and volunteers from the community. You can be part of this!

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Furry Migration is held in beautiful Downtown Minneapolis. Book your room now to ensure a stress-free Migration!