You Want Better ConSuite? We Need Your Help!

Monday, March 26, 2018

As of today our purpose of ConSuite is a place for people to hang out and get some light nourishment. But we don't have the staff to do everything so we need your help!

From the Coyote Chairman Desk,
Welcome back! I haven’t talk to you in a while! Let’s talk about ConSuite!

As of today our purpose of ConSuite is a place for people to hang out and get some light nourishment. You know, snacks and something to keep them going. We want this to be open to everyone, not just a sponsor treat like you see at other conventions. We are open to changing this but….. We need solve a bigger problem.

Our biggest problem right now is lack of staff who have food safety training.

In the state of Minnesota, we need to operate under their laws of food safety. Without trained staff, we cannot offer anything more than bags of pre-packaged chips. This training needs to be done before the convention. In fact, some of the training can be done at other partner’s conventions. So, the sooner we line up people for training the better. The more people who volunteer, the more food options we can provide.

And this leads into another issue that is important to our staff is handling allergies. Right now, because of the limited staff, we have we really cannot effectively handle food allergies. This is a combination of either not being able to create unique items for allergies, or knowing what is cost effective and reasonably fast to make. Again, our lack of staff is hurting us in providing options to our friends and convention family.

So, if you value the ConSuite, want to help it grow, handle more people’s needs, or just want to have a fun time; please contact our volunteer department or go directly talk to our ConSuite staff about helping.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you at Furry Migration, Midway Menagerie.

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