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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

From the Coyote Chairman Desk,

Welcome back!  I thought I would put down in a letter our thoughts about how we are classifying our programming for 2018.

A change in the air

In past years, we were organizing our convention panels and events classifications as tracks based around art, writing, music, fursuiting, entertainment, and education. While this worked well, it just didn’t feel right. We realized some panels and events fit multiple categories, while others didn’t fit them at all. Also, people obsessed about how many panels writing gets versus art versus fursuiting. Keeping this system just was not going to work.

By classifying things only into these “tracks,” it prevented our convention from doing what we are trying to do: provide a fun environment for everyone. That always been our vision of this con. We want to welcome everyone there to have fun. The vision of this convention’s programming was never to be just one track or cater to one type of group.

So, this year we are looking at programming a different way. Internally, we are looking at 3 major classifications Youth (and Teen), All Ages, and Furry Migration After Dark. This is an evolution from the introduction of the well attended Teen panels last year.

What those classifications mean

Youth (and Teen)

The intent of this programming is for our furry youth to find panels covering the ideas, topics and concerns they are facing at this time. It provides a safe space for kids to be kids both at and after the convention. This will also include panels for parents who suddenly find themselves in the fandom through their children.

All Ages

A lot of furry topics are limitless and open to every age. This programming is PG based to assure adults and youth can both enjoy these events. Be it art, music, comedy, literature and fursuiting – it’s there for everyone to participate. This is the majority of our programming.

Furry Migration After Dark

This programming is focused around topics that are more mature and are not recommend for children. Events in this classification will marked and held in a way to make sure youth are not able to go to it. These topics can range from the educational to outright comedic entertainment.

By having these three main categories to classify content, we can show relevance of our convention and Minnesota Furs to all age groups. Then events and panels will be still sub-categorized as writing, fursuiting, etc; to make it easier for people to follow the specific content they want to participate in. This will lead to having something for everyone at most times, so no one is stuck in the zoo or their rooms for hours on end. The convention should be a reflection of our attendees and their interests without a watered down experience for anyone.

If you have not noticed, our programming submission form is open. You may also not know all of our programming is done by our local community, submitted by people just like you. If you want to see specific programming, grab a couple of friends and submit your panel to be accepted for the final list. Never assume that someone else will do it.
You there, go make it happen.

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