Art Show

The Art Show at Furry Migration is an opportunity for amateurs and professionals alike to showcase their original artworks to convention attendees.

Art of all kinds can be displayed here whether it be drawings, paintings, jewelry, sculpture or anything in between! The general theme of the show will focus around anthropomorphic animals but anything in the realms of science fiction and fantasy is welcome.

Many of the original pieces featured in the Art Show will be available for purchase by silent auction and some may be available for quick sale. Attendees can use the registration number on their convention badges to place bids. If you have any questions while at the convention please visit the Art Show staff table.

Participating Artists


Participation is free; however we do subtract a 10% commission as sales are processed by Furry Migration. This fee is deducted from the final sale total before artists receive their checks and will be clearly marked on the receipt.

Display Information

Panels are 2’ x 6’ wire grids. Clips, hooks and assorted hardware to help you display your work will be available at the Art Show staff table. Full and half tables that are 6′ x 30″ are also available but any hardware needed to display artwork on a flat surface needs to be provided by the artist. If you have work of a unique nature that has special space requirements please contact the Art Show Director before registering for the show.

Please be courteous to both attendees and other art show participants when displaying your work. Do not overcrowd your panels and leave room for bid sheets. Also keep in mind, the lower you hang your art the less visible it will be. We strongly encourage that all artwork be matted.

Artists will have access to Art Show space Friday morning to set up their work.

Reserving Your Space

Artists looking to participate in the show must first fill out the registration form on this page. Up to 2 panels and 1 table may be reserved per person but space is limited and will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. A waiting list will be initiated if space runs out and if not more space will be offered to participating artists at the convention.

Deadline for artists to reserve space is August 31, 2018.

At this time the Furry Migration Art Show is NOT accepting mail-in registrations.

General Rules

  1. Artwork for sale should be your own original characters. Artwork depicting trademarked characters cannot be offered for sale because Furry Migration is not licensed to sell them. Fan art can be displayed but must be marked Not For Sale.
  2. All art should be neatly matted and ready to be hung. The Art Show will provide clips and hooks but if any artwork requires unique hardware to display it the artist is responsible for making sure it is securely hung and will be responsible for any damages.
  3. All art MUST be labeled with the artist’s name, e-mail address and the title of the piece on the back. There is no guarantee that bid sheets will remain with the art. We do not provide insurance coverage on art entered into the show but we will make every effort to provide security and protection for your art. Furry Migration is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged art.
  4. Once entered into the Art Show items cannot be withdrawn and the conditions of sale (e.g., minimum bid) cannot be changed.
  5. Artists will be provided with bid sheets for each item submitted to the show and they must contain the following information: Artist Name, Item Title, Media Used and Minimum Bid.
  6. Tasteful nudity and mature themes involving drugs and moderate violence are allowed in the general area but may require some censorship. Art of extreme violence or a pornographic nature however will need to be displayed in a screened and monitored area for attendees that are 18+

The Furry Migration Art Show Director is the final authority on all matters regarding the Art Show and reserves the right to define and revise these rules as necessary. Please contact us with any comments, questions or concerns.


Remember: Artists may reserve up to TWO panels for hanging art and one table. Please get in touch with the Art Show Director before registering if you have unique space requirements.

NOTE: This does not count as your registration for the convention. This is for Art Show space ONLY.

Art Show Registration deadline is August 31, 2018.

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