Artists’ Alley Policies & Procedures For Furry Migration

This page contains the current Artist Alley policies for Furry Migration. For your convenience, a PDF version of the Artists’ Alley Policies & Procedures For Furry Migration is also available. To sign up and read the main overview of Artist Alley, please return to the Artist Alley page.

Artists’ Alley Policies & Procedures For Furry Migration


The Artist’s Alley is a place for Artists to sell and showcase their artwork. This also means that items that are commercial goods sourced from other artists, craftsmen, or authors are not allowed for sale. Additionally, as each artist is allowed a 36” by 24” table space, any overly large items that may be disruptive to other artists will not be allowed in the Artist Alley. If questions over allowed items occur please contact Example of allowed items include: Sole creator Prints, prints on other items (such as t-shirts, mugs, ect… as long as organization and storage of items are not disruptive to other artists), sculptures, crafts, publications such as printouts, self authored books, or comics are also allowed. Example prohibited items would be any food items, third party created stuffed animals, props or other goods, media artwork from other artists, glow sticks or other items manufactured by others.


Artist’s Alley hours will match those of the Dealers Den.

Artists will be allowed (and encouraged to!) take their spots in all Artists’ Alley spaces up to one hour before the artist alley opens.


Material with a General audience or PG rating can be displayed at the Artist’s discretion. Any Art not within a PG or general audience rating (Ie. Adult artwork) must be kept in a separate binder and censored appropriately (Stickers can be a fun and creative way to censor art). Larger explicit items like large prints should censored and/or remain hidden until purchased or veiled from view by a bag or other means.

Note on NSFW artwork: Artists are expected to police their own area, Minors should be wearing a “Minor” badge, but if someone appears to be a minor the artist must request ID before allowing access to or purchase of explicit materials. For artists that must censor artwork; suggestable means include easy release stickers, bags, or Blue painters tape.

General Guidelines:

Attendees of artist alley are not allowed to bring food or drink into the Artist’s Alley as accidents can happen. For non-artists, please enjoy your food and refreshments outside of the Alley. Artists may have sealed drinks and food in containers, but are expected to be discrete and courteous to other artists.

Space behind each artists table is limited, so we only allow One Artist per allotted space. If a team of artists would like a space, all artists will have to sign up. If only one artist gets in for your group, you will only have the one half table to use.

Commissions for completion outside of the convention are allowed to be taken, however, it is strongly recommended that both the commissioner and artist record the contact information for each other. The contract of sale is between the Artist and

Commissioner and Furry Migration cannot provide means of mediation or enforcement.


Each Alley position:

Each Artist spot will have a half of a table provided, as each table is two half tables, the area available for each artist is 24 inches by 36 inches. Space behind the tables is limited so please keep that in mind. Power will be limited and possibly not available.

How the lottery works:

  • Signups for Artist’s Alley will open up via a form on the website before the convention. The link will be posted on the website.
  • Artists are chosen at random and are placed at tables at the Artist Alley’s head desecration.
  • Artists when signing up need to tell any special needs they have which can include power and other considerations. We do not guarantee power for our artists.
  • Artists are expected to be at their tables during most of the day. If you need to leave for extended period please see the Artist Alley/Dealers head table.
  • Selections of the tables is at the discretion of Artist Alley and will try to accommodate special needs.

Once selected, position is paid (the fee will be $35 for the weekend and tax from submitted to the Artist Alley staff the Artist will be able to take their seat in the Alley.

For setup and seat lottery; Artists must be present at the Artists’ Alley opening and pay any associated fees to receive an artist spot, Proxies are not allowed to stand in for this setup period. Make sure to give yourself sufficient prep time before hand for supplies and travel. Failure for an Artist to show at Artist Alleys opening will result in the surrender of their spot to the next person on the Artist’s Alley waiting list.

All State Sales tax forms (MN ST-19) must be filled out before the artist can take a seat in the Alley. These forms will be collected by the artist Alley lead and be taken directly to Convention Operations for safe keeping. Artists will be responsible for charging and recording Minnesota & Minneapolis Sales Tax on all sales (8.03% as of July 2023.)


Artists may have a friend sit in and watch their items, and serve as a general help for Q&A to allow artists to take a food break, call, supply run ect. However, Proxies are not allowed to sell any of your items, commissions or other goods. We will allow these breaks at a maximum 1 hour duration after which the artist position may be made available for an artist on the waiting list. If more time or special ADA related help is needed, contact the Artist alley staff as soon as able and we will help where we can. If there is a panel an artist would like to go to or if the artist will have to leave without a proxy, a staff member will be able to watch your table for you. Sole creators named on the Artist Alley Submission Form shall be the only people

authorized to sell artwork at each table. Proxies are only allowed to aid with customer pickup, and general questions but shall not take commissions or sell for their representative artist.


If an Artist checks out two or more hours from Artist’s Alley closing time, the next Artist on the waiting list will be contacted and offered the space. If the next Artist on the waiting list cannot be contacted in person or by phone or the offer has been declined, the next person on the waiting list will be contacted until the waiting list is exhausted. Artists’ have 5 minutes to get back to Alley Staff. After this point, it is first come, first serve during the rest of that time slot for that day.

Artists who would like to participate in the Alley should sign-up using the Artist Alley Submission Form on the Furry Migration Website or at the terminal at the Artist Alley desk. This is only required to be done once. On the form, you will be able to fill out which days you would like to be in the lottery for Artist’s Alley. To be removed, all that needs to be done is to send an email to contact asking to be removed using the same email you used to sign up.


We will open sixteen spots for Guaranteed Artist Spots. New for this year, as an added benefit our guaranteed artist tables are allowed to leave items at their table within the locked room overnight. These tables will still abide by the rest of the Artist Alley Terms Of Service.

These Guaranteed artist spots will be open via forms on the Furry Migration website prior to the convention ($35 for the whole Convention Fri, Sat, and Sun). Anyone who doesn’t pay before opening on Friday will forfeit their seat to the next person on the waiting list, using the method described in the Artist Selection section.

Unclaimed Guaranteed Artist Spots are available for purchase Friday at 11AM to 2PM in the afternoon. Ask at the Artist Alley Table during the Convention about these upgrades, or feel free to email contact

Onsite Payments will be taken Thursday 6 PM-8 PM and Friday 10 AM – 2 PM at the Artist Alley Table outside of the Artist Alley. Artist Alley will be accepting Cash and major credit cards, no checks will be allowed.

Other TOS:

Artists’ Alley and Furry Migration are not responsible for the items(s) purchased, refunds, completion and or communication between artist and commissioner. The Convention cannot get involved with the transaction. Disputes between Artist and Commissioners are to be handled privately.

Artist Alley is not responsible for personal items. Artists are responsible for securing their own items in the Alley. Any found lost item from Artist Alley will be moved to the Lost and Found in Con Ops.

Furry Migration reserves the right to revise these rules without prior notice.

Furry Migration Code of Conduct must be followed in addition to these posted policies.

Furry Migration reserves the right to ask for the removal of items for display or even sale if the staff finds them inappropriate for sale in the Artist Alley.

Anyone (seat owner, Proxy, or otherwise) making use of artist alley are responsible for their behaviors within artist alley. This includes but is not limited to adherence to local tax laws, any damage to hotel property, or their adherence to these policies.

Effective Date: February 12th, 2024

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