2017 Iron Pen – Best of Show

The Iron Pen competition at Furry Migration 2017 gave writers a chance to play with the secret ingredient "Best of Show".

At Furry Migration 2017 we held an “Iron Pen” competition. Given a secret ingredient, the writer must generate a story in a few days.

With this surprise theme idea “Best of Show” and the limit of 1,000 words, these 9 people did their wrote their hearts out and came up with these short stories.

This year the contest was won by Sarah Braun for “How Mrs. Tibbles Won Her Twenty-Third Blue Ribbon”. As our first prize winner, we gave Sarah a free standard registration for Furry Migration 2018!

So please, put up your feet, snuggle back in your chair, and enjoy these short stories!



Pre-registration prices for 2023 will be announced in 2023

Thank You!

Thank you for coming to Furry Migration 2022, Intergalactic Grand Prix, it was a blast!!