2021 Iron Artist – Space Suit

The Iron Artist competition at Furry Migration 2021 was to give artists a chance to play with the secret ingredient "Spacesuit".

At Furry Migration 2021 we held an “Iron artist” competition. Given a secret ingredient, the artist must generate a picture in a very short period of time.

In this type of competition, humor and ideas are just as important as art style and technical merit. The secret ingredient revealed at Furry Migration 2021 was “Space Suit.” However, none of the artists knew of the exact FM 2021 theme was “Intergalactic Grand Prix”. With this in mind, not having images of racing or spaceships in the picture did not effect the ranking of the submissions

For this year’s contest L.Frank won first place which includes a free membership to Furry Migration 2022.

Thank you for all that entered. All entries on record can be seen below.


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