Room Party Policy

All open door room parties must pre-register with Furry Migration and have a pre-existing reservation at the hotel. The party organizers are responsible for providing a confirmation number for the reservation before the deadline. Any party that does not provide this information may lose their party room space at the convention.

A party may promote their event with age appropriate materials. Flyers may be posted on hotel property if approved by event staff and blue painter’s tape is used. The room party host(s) will honor any restriction of promotion material made by the hotel. If any promotional material is found to be questionable, offensive, or inappropriate to a staff member or attendee, the materials may be removed by staff at any time.

Any party that uses the space for promotion of an organization, convention, or event, may do so within hotel policies. Tips may be accepted; any tip jars must be clearly marked for good service. However, any specific tip amount that ‘earn bonuses’ or trade any specific monetary value for a product or service is considered a sale and is prohibited under state law.

A room party must declare at least four hours of operation over the course of convention, where the door must be open to all attendees with a valid badge. While a party may run at any time of the day during the course of the convention, courtesy hours are between the hours of 1:00am and 1:00pm when the volume of the party must remain at a quiet level.

Parties in which alcohol is being served are not permitted to serve alcohol before 8:00pm. A party may operate before 8:00pm if there is no alcohol being served.

Any age-restricted parties should be clearly noted and must check IDs at the door, accepting only government (state and federal) issued IDs and are subject to local laws and restrictions. For the convenience of the hosts and staff, use of unique identifying markers such as wristbands and hand stamps may be used with approval of Room Party staff. However, any Furry Migration staff and Room Party hosts may check any IDs at any time regardless of approved identifiers. Keep in mind to not over-serve anyone and use your best judgment when serving alcohol.

All official room party hosts must be 18 years of age or older. If any minors are staying in the hotel room that the room party occupies, a legal parent or guardian or designated responsible adult must also be staying with them. While Furry Migration observes the City of Minneapolis curfew hours for juveniles, minors may be allowed in the Room Party block with a legal guardian or designated adult.

Open door room parties must allow admittance to anyone with a valid Furry Migration badge; again, additional government issued ID may be required for an age-restricted party. Only those with a valid badge (and ID when required) may enter a room party. Anyone one without a badge is not permitted in the room party as it counts as convention space during the open door party hours. A party host should contact the room party staff and convention operations if there is an attendee or guest causing a disturbance.

Hotel and convention operations reserve the right to shut down any party that causes disturbance to other guests and attendees or violates the Room Party Policy.

For any room party that will use food preparation devices, such as popcorn makers, griddles, or rice cookers, please notify room parties and we will work with you as to the current hotel policy of what is and isn’t allowed. If you are using a device that you are unsure about in any way, please email Room Parties. Any other devices such as fog machines or that use open flame are strictly prohibited.

Furry Migration, MNFurs, its staff, and affiliates assume no responsibility for room parties; attendees and guests who violate hotel, local, state, and/or federal policies and ordinances do so at their own risk. Hosts of room parties accept full responsibility for any damages or loss related to their party and the hotel room including but not limited to fees for cleaning, property damage, and room resets.

NOTE: Hotel policy states that any guest caught serving to a minor or not checking IDs will be reported to Minneapolis Police and subject to legal ramifications. The guest will not be allowed back into the hotel and the room will be forfeited. Any payments paid to the hotel are non-refundable and any outstanding balances must be paid in full. Furthermore, any attendee violating the hotel’s alcohol policy will be banned from Furry Migration.

For more information, please review Minnesota’s liquor laws and statutes:

If you have any questions please contact room parties staff.

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