Lost something at the convention?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Message from the Operations Department:

We hope the convention was as much a blast for you as it was for us.

Some had such a good time they have misplaced something during the commotion, and they are now realizing it.  One of our duties in the Operations Department is lost and found.  Some of our attendees have returned items left in the convention space.  If you are missing something from Furry Migration we would like to return it to you.

To inquire about lost items feel free to contact the Operations Department with a description of the item.  We will check our inventory to see if an item matching that description in our possession.  We will also be bringing the items to the next Furry Migration, but any remaining items 2014 items will be donated to a charity of our choosing in 2016.

It’s our intention to return all the items we can.  We would prefer to have the items reunited with their owners.  For further questions about any lost items or the operations department feel free to e-mail us.

Thank you again for making our first year one we will remember for years to come.  We hope to see you all again at Furry Migration 2015!

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