Thank you to everyone for everyone!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The whole staff at Furry Migration would like to thank everyone who joined us at our first convention within the Twin Cities.

We’d like to give a special thanks to our three guests of honor Kyell Gold, Foxfeather R. Zenkoa, and  Jeffrey Eddy for making our first year a special one.

We’d also like to thank all you who volunteered as you are truly the people that made the convention work.  The staff can only put the big pieces together in the puzzle.  It takes hard working volunteers to make those pieces fit together in a seamless picture.

Lastly we’d like to thank Geek Partnership Society for the use of their space for our planning meetings and their willingness to support us like they do other local conventions.  Anime Detour and CONvergence for the loan of their hardware and personnel for the first year to help fill in the missing pieces.  We’re greatly in debt to all three organizations for welcoming us into the local fandom convention circles.

And lastly, if you’ve not hear we’re planning on doing this again next year. It will be  Back To Furry Migration II!  So work on your DeLoreans, hot tubs, or  chronowatches and make sure to set your chronometers to September 2015!

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