Saturday at Furry Migration 2017!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Another day of fun begins! Here is some fun events for you to enjoy!

Some important events for you to hit up today!

1:30PM Line-up for the Fursuit Parade in “Mainstage”!
3:00PM The Furry Writers Guild in the “Workshop Room”
3:00PM Guest of Honor Malcom Ray is hosting a voice acting panel in “Special Events”
4:30PM Story Time Fursuit Charades in “Special Events”
4:30PM Guest of Honor Malcom Ray is explaining it all in “Programming B”
6:00PM Leech Lake Legacy will be hosting a panel in “Programming A” Come show your support!
6:00PM The Fursuit Dance Competition will be in “Mainstage”!
7:30PM GoH Furry Writers Guild is hosting A character panel in “Programming A”
7:30PM GoH Furry writers Guild is also hosting a panel “Gender & Furry” in “Programming B”
9:00PM The Saturday night dance in “Mainstage”!

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