Sunday at Furry Migration 2017!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

It is the final day, but it is not over yet! There are a lot of cool panels and events for you to still enjoy!

Here are a couple Guest of Honor or main events you need to check out today!

12:00AM-9:00AM: All night furry TV and movies! Come relax and enjoy!
12:00PM-Onward: The Fuzzy Logic Escape Room is running again today! 10$ Gets you a 30 minute experience! (Programming A)
12:00PM: The Fursuit games! Come see all the adorable antics of our fursuiters in the “Special Events” room!
1:30PM: Guest of Honor Malcolm Ray is hosting “Channel Awesome” a panel about his extensive work with the production “Channel Awesome” (Programming B)
1:30PM: “JoustMania” Fursuiters and non-suiters alike can have fun in this event in the “Special Events” room!
3:00PM: Guest of Honor from The Furry Writers Guild “Makyo” is hosting a panel “Exploring the Fandom through data” an in depth look at the fandom through an accumulation of different data, in “Programming B”
3:00PM: Guest of Honor Talenshi is hosting a drawing panel “Making Weird Animals Hybrids Look Awesome” in the “Workshop” Room!
4:30PM: Heroes United! The closing ceremonies for Furry Migration 2017! Find out which side is the victor, as well as winners of other competitions and events from the weekend!
5:00PM: Dead Dog, Celebrate the ending of the convention with your fellow “Dead Dog Tired” fuzzies.

Lets make today rock!

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