Furry Migration 2019 Update

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Furry Migration 2018 is over but Furry Migration 2019 is already in motion! To get you started here is some information about our theme and Guest Of Honor!

Furry Migration 2018 is just a glimmer in our eyes. The fond memories are still being found in our photo gallery on the website and also we are putting up videos on YouTube.

But we are not standing still we are moving forward into 2019!

As we announced previously, Brian and Tracy Reynolds are our 2019 Guest of Honors for Furry Migration. They are both accomplished artists and been part of the fandom for years. Please check our Guest of Honor page to read up on their background and accomplishments.

We have also put up our first information about Furry Migration 2019 theme “The Championship” a theme about having fun with silly sports ideas. To read more about it please visit our theme web page and expect to see updates about it throughout the convention year.

Over the next few months we will be opening programming, dealers room, and hotel registrations but until then lets the games begin!

Kurst Hyperyote
Convention Chairperson for Furry Migration 2019

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