Sponsor and Supersponsor Update

Friday, August 9, 2019

Being a sponsor or super sponsor not only helps the convention but allows us to show how much we appreciate our attendees!

Hey there!

Whether you work behind the scenes on conventions or just like to attend them, Sponsors and Super Sponsors help us underwrite parts of the convention so we can keep the general admission prices low. These people put in an extra mile to help out the convention and let us do cool things and get cool spaces.

To show our thanks in helping us out with the convention, we give these fine folk some additional perks and swags. With the exception of the Super Sponsor Brunch, these items allow everyone to enjoy the same convention. Everyone wins by being to go to the same events, whether they  sponsor or not this year.

The items listed below are confirmed perks for this year’s Furry Migration’s  sponsors and super sponsors.


Water Bottle: It’s important to stay hydrated for every event so you can stay top of the game. So we are giving each Sponsor a water bottle. NOT SOLD ANYWHERE, THIS IS EXCLUSIVE TO SPONSORS!
Wrist Sweatbands: When you doing the big game you don’t want the sweat to distract you and ruin your score. With the Furry Migration 2019 sweatbands you can stay the top of the game. NOT SOLD ANYWHERE, THIS IS EXCLUSIVE TO SPONSORS!
Furry Migration 2019 Sticker: Our Tradition continues with this year’s Furry Migration 2019 sticker!
Furry Migration Patch: Our Tradition continues with this year’s Furry Migration 2019 patch!
T-shirt: The 2019 convention shirt is included with every sponsor package.
Sponsor Early Bird Entry to Dealer and Artist Alley Room: On Friday and Saturday we open the Dealers Room and Artist Alley room 15 minutes early exclusively for Sponsors!
Our Eternal Gratitude: For your sponsorship helps the convention be what it is!

Super Sponsors

Everything Listed Above Carries over to Super Sponsor Level

Hat: Every good sporting event needs a good hat. Use this hat to cover your head to look cool playing your favorite sport, to control your hair, or not to get sunburn on your scalp in a long day doing theme park Olympics. NOT SOLD ANYWHERE, THIS IS EXCLUSIVE TO SUPER SPONSORS!
Scarf: This stylish scarf is perfect keeping your neck warm during the winter time. Or, if you are a micro fur, it is a blanket just for you! But for most people it’s just a scarf. NOT SOLD ANYWHERE, THIS IS EXCLUSIVE TO SUPER SPONSORS!
Super Sponsor Brunch: So, while you hang out with your fellow Super Sponsors and the Guests of Honor you can enjoy an upgraded meal on Saturday Morning! And yes, before you ask, the smoke salmon is back!
Our EXTREME Gratitude Without your support we wouldn’t be able to get as much space as we do!

Additional items as appreciative gifts may become available at a later time. We also are looking into having preferred seating at select main stage events, but that has not been finalized yet – we need more volunteers to do that!

But there you have it our perks for Sponsors and Super Sponsors this year. We hope this helps you to decide if you want Sponsor or Super Sponsor Furry Migration 2019!

Again, we hope to see everyone at Furry Migration – The Championship.

Kurst Hyperyote
Chairman for Furry Migration 2019

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