Furry Migration Road Trip is on!

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

We are proud to announce Furry Migration 2021’s Road Trip is moving forward with an in-person convention at our regular dates September 10th to 12th 2021!

To register you can click on the link here: Furry Migration 2021 Registration

To book you room you can click on the link here: Furry Migration Hotel Booking Site

Links to other forms for Dealers, Programming, Artist Alley, DJ etc… can be found along the top banner.

For questions about Covid-19 Safety at Furry Migration 2021 you can visit the page here: Furry Migration 2021 Covid-19 Safety

For other questions you can contact us here: Contact Us Form

Interested in lending a paw, claw or other hand-like appendage as staff?  You can fill out the form here: Staff Application

Looking to volunteer?  You can fill out the form here: Volunteer Application

We hope to see you at Furry Migration 2021!


Convention Chairs:

Kevin “Legonnare” McCarty

Keith “Vulan” Ellis

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This convention is run by staff and volunteers from the community. You can be part of this!

Reserve Your Room

Furry Migration is held in beautiful Downtown Minneapolis. Book your room now to ensure a stress-free Migration!