MembershipUntil August 26th, 2022At the Door
Adult $45.00$60.00
Super Sponsor$190.00$205.00
Youth (7-17 years old)$30.00$30.00

Prices listed is from 2021, pricing is subject to change but probably not.

Quick Information

  • Children under 6 years old as of the first day of the convention will be admitted free when accompanied by parent or legal guardian.
  • Anyone under 16 years old as of as of the first day of the convention must be accompanied by a paid attending parent or legal guardian.
  • Anyone between 16 and 17 years old as of the first day of the convention must have a signed and notarized Parental Permission Form by a parent or legal guardian or have their parent or legal guardian with them at registration.
  • All attendees must review and accept the Code of Conduct when registering.
  • All memberships are also available at the door.
  • Any transfers or changes requested after online registration closes may be subject to processing fees.

Useful Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

When does online preregistration open?

Online pre-registration is open.

I would like to register by mail.

We are currently not accepting mail-in registrations for Furry Migration.

I would like to preregister and pay at the door.

Preregistration requires prepayment to be made before the con and the only guaranteed way is through credit card. At local Minnesota Furs events we may have preregistration there. Those will be announced online if we can and able to do it.

What is an attendee membership?

An attendee includes admission to Furry Migration for all three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and a copy of our convention book, Pocket Program, and Restaurant Guide.

What is a Sponsor?

You receive a normal membership along with a T-shirt and more! Stay tuned. We think you’re going to like it! But above all you get our eternal gratitude for your support of this convention.

What is a Super Sponsor?

You receive a normal membership along with a T-shirt, Saturday breakfast, early access to the dealer’s room, priority seating at major convention events, a unique gift we’re working on, and more. Stay tuned. We think you’re going to like it! Along with additional surprises that will be in the bag. Hey it’s a surprise! We can’t tell you just yet. But above all you get our eternal gratitude for your support of this convention.

I am under the age of 18 and I would like to attend the convention without my parent or guardian. What should I do?

If you are 16 or 17 years old and will be attending without your parent or guardian, we require a notarized Parental Permission Form from your parent or legal guardian. You can download a copy above. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a paid parent or legal guardian or else they will be refused admission.

Why does my child need to provide a signed notarization or be accompanied by a guardian?

To sum it up in three words: “Peace of Mind”. As a convention we want the peace of mind that we have diligent means of contacting or locating someone. As a parent or guardian we want you to have peace of mind that your child is where they are supposed to be and with who they are supposed to be with.

I am pre-registered. Why haven’t I received confirmation of my registration?

Email confirmations are sent to all registered members upon completion. If you have not received one please contact registration.

I no longer use the badge name I registered with; can I change it?

For the duration of Online Registration name changes will be processed complementary. After Pre-Reg ends all requests must be handled in person and will incur a $10 charge. Once the badge has been handed off however all names are final.

I am fully registered for Furry Migration, now what do I do?

Sit back, relax, and carry on with life. We’ll see you at the convention! If there are any complications with your registration information we’ll be in touch.

What do I need the day of the convention to pick up my badge?

A form of government issued ID that includes a picture (e.g. Driver’s License) is what we require for all adult badge pickups.

Can someone else pick up my badge? Can I pick up badges for my friends/spouse?

No, as you need to display your ID in order to confirm who you are in order to pick up your badge. The only exception are Youth (non-adult) badges which must be picked up by the purchaser or the parent guardian as the minor has no valid ID.

Can I pay for a membership for my friend?

Treating someone to a weekend of fun is a wonderful idea! Keep in mind that like a gift, the badge is in their name and thus ownership is theirs.

I’m no longer able to attend; can I get a refund or what are my options?

While it is unfortunate you cannot attend, let us be the first to say we understand when life complicates plans. That said, registrations are non refundable. We can however offer free transfers while pre-reg is open. Maybe a friend would like to go in your place?

For any needs or to learn more, contact registration as soon as possible.

I want to transfer my badge; what do I need to do?

Once the badge has been picked up no changes or transfers are permitted. Prior to that there are two different possibilities:

During Pre-Reg: To transfer your badge please send registration a letter with your registration information (full name, email, badge name, etc) and the registration information of the new recipient. This letter can be sent via email or postal mail. We will send a confirmation to both you and the recipient of your membership. NOTE: All postal letters must be RECEIVED before the close of online registration.

Once Pre-Reg Closes: Once online registration has closed the convention staff are in final preparations. Any transfers must be done at-door in person and a processing and re-printing fee of $10 shall incur. The badge recipient needs to show up with a written and signed document stating they are to receive your badge. This of course permits a badge name change. To ease this we are looking to provide our own document (check back later).

Please note: In the event the badge was purchased for another, it is the attendee who is viewed as the owner of the badge, not the purchaser. It is the approval of the original attendee we are required to see.

Can I upgrade my membership to sponsor or super sponsor at a later time?

Absolutely! You can upgrade at-con, however keep in mind you may not be able to receive all perks or will receive some perks at a later time. Feel free to contact Registration for more information. If you collected your badge already we may be able to upgrade you, but we will be expecting your existing badge back for the upgrade rate.

I lost my badge, help!

Our first recommendation is to check with Operations or with Registration to see if a fellow fur has turned in a lost badge. If not, a replacement can be reprinted by Registration at a cost of $20. If the badge is lost again full membership price will be charged.

Staff & Volunteer

Furry Migration needs staff and volunteers to help create the convention!



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