Hall of Fame – Character Souvenir Book Submissions

Every sport has it's star players- we want your star player in our Souvenir Book!

Now, what did your character do to be a hall of fame material? One of the great things about silly sports there is so many things you can be great at and so many reasons to be in a hall of fame! Those can be everything from touch down hitter, furthest tackle hole in one, extreme underwater basket weaving, and even fastest synchronized e-sport swimming kill. At this year’s con we want to recognize the best people in all the seriously silly sports in Furry Migration’s 2019 Souvenir Book.

What is the Souvenir Book?

Our ongoing goal is to evolve away from the traditional conbook format of information that’s only valuable at the convention. We want to create something that becomes a keepsake in the years to come. A souvenir, that is also a book!

Why Have a Section For “Hall of Fame”?

We want to highlight our community and some of the fantastic things they have done in silly serious sports exhibitions. It’s our fun way to give people a chance to contribute to our 2019 Souvenir Book!

What does it mean be in “Hall of Fame”?

Think about it this way – your character did something that is just amazing. That is the reason why they are know in the world of sports.

I Hate Sports but I want to be in here can I?

Being in the hall of fame doesn’t mean you actually like sports in the traditional sense. When we say sports here it can be almost anything from real sports to e-sports to any fake sports you come up. This is just a silly way to get involved with the convention.

Do I or my character have to be involved with a real sport?

Nope – the less real the sport… the better!

So do I need to show them doing sports?

No, think of this picture to be as a bust picture. So chest up. Prefer not to be showing the hall of fame action but more like you would see in baseball card.

Do I need to think of a sport or a reason why they are in the hall of fame?

No, but if you don’t we might come up with our own reason.

Do You have examples?

We plan to have some examples of people who submitted to the gallery very soon here.

I am not an Artist how do I get in here

Very simple – you can commission an artist or have your picture taken. You must have permission to use it for the souvenir book from the artist or photographer.

I am a Artist/Photographer and I want To submit artwork/help out the con

The “HALL Of Fame” is just one way you can submit art or photography to the con book. If you want to submit outside of this gallery please contact us and we can send you to the right people.

Whoa, I am a hall of famer! How do I contribute?

  • First, read the policies below – yeah there are submission requirements and rules, but you don’t get to be a champion unless you follow the rules!
  • Second, look over this year’s con theme and incorporate it in your character.
  • Third, draw your winning character, take a photo, or commission a picture. It can be color or black and white. But color is more striking for a hall of famer! You want to show your character from bust up. Does not have to have a sport item in the picture. Just keep it fun and silly!
  • Fourth, read the policies and guidelines.
  • Fifth, fill out the form below. Then, either provide a link to your character or email your character to the address provided in the confirmation.

We know that you already are a champion so filling out this form is a piece of cake. But one warning, you have until July 14th to get your character into the Hall of Fame gallery!

I need examples!

Examples will be coming soon

When should I submit?


There’s no time to delay! Get your championship winning character in our Hall of Fame today!

Submit Your Hall of Famer!

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To Be Printed in the Book

Catches 50 balls of yarn one game
Threw over 3 balls without fetching
Catch 5 road runners in one minute
Most derpest player on field

Policies And Guidelines

  • To be considered for the Hall of Fame gallery, your submission MUST BE entered by July 14th.
  • You must be pre-registered for Furry Migration 2019 at the time of submission for your character to be eligible for the Hall of Fame gallery
  • You must be 18 years of age or older or have parental permission to submit to the Hall of Fame gallery.
  • You must own the rights for the character and the art or photograph submitted.
  • Commissioned art is allowed as long as you have full rights to the artwork and approval from the artist to submit to the Hall of Fame gallery.
  • Submitted photographs must have approval from the photographer and any additional people in the picture to be able to submit to the Hall of Fame gallery.
  • Entries must not contain copyrighted characters for which you do not own the copyright or do not have permission to publish.
  • Submissions are to be no more than PG-13 rating. Any inappropriate content will be rejected. Our souvenir book is family friendly.
  • The theme for the submission is “Hall of Fame gallery” based on the con theme and the 2018 Iron Artist/Iron Pen. You can find information about Furry Migration’s 2019 theme here.
  • No watermarks please – attribution will be printed with your submission.
  • We cannot guarantee a minimum or maximum printing size if your submission is used.
  • Submissions should be a minimum of 700 pixels width by 1050 pixels height at 300 dpi; we need a 2:3 (Width x Height) aspect ratio to fit in our book.
  • Color images are preferred, but grayscale/black and white is also acceptable.
  • Submissions should use CMYK color mode. RGB submissions will be converted before printing.
  • Files can be submitted in the following formats: EPS, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, AI.
  • Images may be cropped for fitment.
  • This is not a contest and submitting has no impact on any other potential events run by Furry Migration.
  • We reserve the right to reject any art or photograph for any reason.
  • By submitting your artwork, Minnesota Furs and Furry Migration retain a non-exclusive, non-transferable publication license for re-publication in the convention booklet, posters, publications, flyers and/or website of pictures/art submitted for the Furry Migration 2019 convention.
  • We reserve full rights to use your text or replace it as the Souvenir Book Publishing Committee .
  • All decisions by the Souvenir Book Publishing Committee are final.
  • If you need any further questions or clarifications, please contact us through the contact page.



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