Iron Pen & Iron Artist

Welcome to Furry Migration’s tests of authorial & artistic mettle, “Iron Pen” & "Iron Artist". These annual contests pit the would-be writer and/or artist against the clock to create an original piece of flash fiction or art in a ridiculously short period of time!

On the Monday before Opening Ceremonies, the Iron Pen & Iron Artist judges will update the Furry Migration Web Site with the “secret ingredient” which must be worked into your submission. (We will also announce this on Furry Migration’s social media accounts.)

Submissions must:

  • Be no longer than 1,000 words for Iron Pen (story or poetry) or larger than the equivalent of one 8-1/2 inch by 11 inch page for an Iron Artist image, and
  • Include either the concept of “Migration” or a “native Minnesota species” of anthro, and
  • Include the secret ingredient in a prominent way.

2017 Secret Ingredient: Best in Show

Iron Pen submissions are encouraged to use the Google Docs template. Once you have completed your Iron Pen submission, email it (or a link to it) to [email protected] or submit it, in person, in the submission box located in the Art Jam room (Greenway B).

Iron Artist submissions should consist of standard letter-size prints of their art. Your work will be displayed in the Art Jam room without your name; only a number.

Do not share your assigned number with others; doing so will invalidate your entry!

Attendees of Furry Migration will be allowed to vote on which story and art is best starting Friday night (after all entries are in) with the ballot closing on Sunday at Noon.

The winners for both Iron Pen and Iron Artist will be announced during Closing Ceremonies on Sunday. The prize for winning will be a free attendee membership for next year’s Furry Migration!

So, if you fancy yourself a tale-teller of the written word: get ready to write! If you are a visual wizard: Get ready to draw!

This contest is only open to members of Furry Migration 2017. Let’s get our creativity on!

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