2023 Conchair Feedback

We welcome our staff to provide feedback for our nominations for FM2023 Conchair.

Making Feedback Submission(s)

Please select a nominated individual from the list of people. If you do not see some ones name, this is likely because they declined the nomination. If you suspect someone has declined their nomination, please respect their decision to do so.

Feedback Criteria

  • All Feedback items will be reviewed by the “Conchair Selection Committee”.
    • Any individuals on the Committee with have potential conflicts reviewed and considered.
  • Please be respectful in your feedback
    • Be constructive, if you are leaning for or against, please be descriptive why.
    • Be respectful. We’re all a community here. Please be respectful if your opinion is against an individual.
  • Those nominated will not see the results, and are kept internally with the Conchair Selection Committee.

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Questions Overview

  • Conchair Nominee
    Who are you leaving feedback for.
  • Feedback Type
    A majority of your feedback is it in favor of (positive) or against (negative). If its a mix of both (or neither),  Select Neutral.
  • Longform Feedback
    Give us your feedback of why you selected Positive, Negative or Neutral.

Conchair Selection Committee?

This will be a small group of individuals that will help decide and pick who will lead the convention for 2023 and going forward. This may will include:

  • Minnesota Furs Board Members
  • Senior Convention Leadership
  • Current Convention Chair(s)

If an individual on the Committee has a declared Conflict of Interest with one (or more) of the candidates, they will be removed from the vetting process for any individuals there may be a conflict for.

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