Youth Programming

A new but rapidly growing portion of Furry Migration is our dedicated youth programming track! This is an all encompassing section of the convention dedicated to furry youth and their families to provide a safe and exciting time.

Youth programming starts with the programming – panels and activities.  An entire section of programming at Furry Migration is marked as being youth friendly.  These panels cover a variety of topics, many put on by other attendees. Some of the panels are run by staff of the convention and the youth program, tailored specifically and limited exclusively to the youth.  Anything from dealing with being furry at school to how to make and care for a fursuit will be covered!

The support for youth and their families doesn’t stop there.  A dedicated room is set aside as a safe space for youth and their families to gather and get away from the convention, set up so that only authorized convention staff have access.  This room is set up for socializing and with craft activities so that those whom want time away from the hustle and bustle can relax. Activities include things such as artwork and craft supplies.  Parents and guardians have space as well to get to know one another as their kids have fun.

Youth programming isn’t just about the under-18’s, but also about their families.  Furry Migration staff understands how it can be a new and confusing environment to bring your charge.  Take some time to get to know other parents and guardians and avail yourselves of the chance to speak to our staff, and maybe even sit in on ‘Parents and Guardians Only’ panels while the youth are busy with their own activities.  Have questions? Just ask!

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