T-Shirt Information

Furry Migration 2022 had some special themed shirts for sponsors, super sponsors and for purchase. However, due to supply chain issues, we weren’t able to procure all the shirts during the convention weekend. At the convention, we asked those individuals that are locals, to pickup the shirt at a future Minnesota Furs event, allowing out of state individuals to get their shirts to avoid shipping logistics.

Now with the convention weekend over, those still needing a shirt can pickup theirs via one of the following methods:

Pickup Options

Option 1: MNFurs Event Pickup

Procedure change notification: Please bring your photo ID that you used for registration at Furry Migration 2022. This will be used to verify your registration and status. Your name on your ID must match the name you used for registration.

We will be bringing an amount of shirts to a few future MNFurs events for pickup. To get your shirt, just bring your photo ID that matches the legal name used for registration at Furry Migration 2022 to exchange for a shirt of your desired size. We have a master list that we will be checking this against to clear the release of your themed shirt.

The following events will allow for pickup, and a limited quantity of shirts for purchase:

Availability is subject to change and quantities may be limited as more event pickup days pass. We will not be able to honor pickups without a valid voucher.

Option 2: Physically Mailed

If the MNFurs events aren’t an option, or you’ve signed up for the wait list, you can have yours mailed to you. Please keep an eye on your email inbox as details will be announced.


I want to purchase a FM2022 shirt

You can purchase shirts at any of the listed events above in Option 1. Cost of the shirt is $25. We accept card payments (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express). Cash is acceptable, though exact change is preferred.

What shirt sizes exist?

We have all sizes ranging from small, to 5 XL. Quantities are limited while supplies last.

I lost my voucher or never got one!

We will be checking photo ID’s against attendee registrations to distribute shirts. So please bring a photo ID that matches the name on your FM 2022 registration.

2024 Pre-Registration



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Dealer’s Room

We are now accepting Dealer’s Room applications for 2024.